Out of sight, out of mind

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Donald has won more matches in the past 6 weeks than he won in all of 2012.

Matches twist and turn on dozen of types of shots, some hair-raising, many eye-popping, others sleight of hand. The role of luck in tennis is often debated and when balls find the funniest places at the most critical moments, there is reason to pause and consider the role of fortune.

That was the case in Michael Russell

Wimbledon mens’ draw breakdown

Rafa will go for his third double-double


Rafael Nadal will go for his third Roland Garros-Wimbledon double and regardless of his mentally tiring Roland Garros and sporadic play in Queens, he has to be seen as the favorite until someone knocked him off. he opens against US veteran Michael Russell, could play the big hitting Ryan Sweeting of the US in second round and maybe confront the dangerous Milos Raonic in the third round; that