Wimbledon, day 1: Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu win

Andy Murray

On a fun Monday, Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu were rewarded in front of the massive crowds. Both have said that in the famous first round, they were nervous at the start. But once they settled down, they locked in. They ran hard, they tried to hit the balls deeper, and also, they needed to mix it up, which they did.

Murray, who has won Wimbledon two times, believes that while he isn’t fast now because in the early 20s, the current No. 52 was quick enough and smooth. His hip surgery was serious enough for him to declare his retirement, but he has come storming back. Now he knows what to do, as long as he can stay health in the tough three out of five sets over the next 13 days. Murray will have to face the huge server John Isner in the second round.

“There’s always nerves and pressure. It’s great to get out here and get a win under my belt,” 35-year-old Murray said. “ I’m in a better place than I was last year when I played here.”

That is for sure.

The other crowd-pleasing Britain player, Emma Raducanu, had a very decent day, winning in two sets. The 2021 US Open winner has been hurt physically and mentally. The 19-year-old was confused for months.

She recently arrived at Wimbledon. At Nottingham, she only play seven games on grass before retiring. But she did practice a little bit last week, so while she is not quite there yet, she can bend close to the ground and bring it back. Then day after day, she can find focus. She hopes.

“My preparation wasn’t necessarily the greatest,” Raducanu said. “But I know that when it comes to the matches, I feel like I really switch on. I don’t feel like I need a massive amount of preparation. Of course I do to build physically. I think a lot of it is mental and I definitely went out with the belief today. I know that I can compete with anyone on the other side of the court when I really go for it.”