US Open picks: day 13, the women’s final

Naomi OsakaFROM THE US OPEN – Noami Osaka is playing almost lights out. She has a big first serve — 120 mph — she runs fairly quickly, and she can rip her forehands and her backhands. She has been very focused over the past 12 days, and while she almost lost against Aryna Sabaenka, she had to bear down and she did, grabbing it 6-4 in third.

Then in the semis, Osaka played substantially better, hitting the corners, showing some variety and out-hitting Madison Keys.

We all know that Serena Williams getting better every match. Her  forehand is hefty, and her backhand is blunt. Plus, her serve is vicious.

Serena has won the Grand Slams 23 in titles and she is very close to tying Margaret Court, If Serena wins it on Saturday, then she might be the best player ever.

However, she hasn’t won it yet, so she has to wait.

Two months ago, at Wimbledon, Serena reached the final, and it looked like she had a legitimate chance for getting no. 24, but Angie Kerber beat her, as the German controlled her and she was faster and stronger.

However, Serena is practicing a lot, so she can move her feet, and sprint when she needs to.
But so does Osaka, who is pretty swift. The 20-year-old does like the 36-year-old, and she really wants to play her.

“It feels a little bit surreal,” Osaka said. “Even when I was a little kid, I always dreamed that I would play Serena in a final of a Grand Slam. Just the fact that it’s happening, I’m very happy about it.”

I am sure she is, but when she walks on the court, then she will lock in early, or she can become very nervous, as this is the first time that she has reached at a Grand Slam final. She knows that she needs to go toe-to-toe, as much as possible. I would think that she will, but she has to return against Serena. Serena can handle the Japanese’s servers while Osaka won’t be able to return enough of Serena’s bombs. It could be close, but Serena will win it again, in two big sets.  

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