Australian Open final: Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray

Rod Laver Arena / Night

1-Novak Djokovic vs. 6-Andy Murray

It’s Murray, Murray, Murray again! Or is he actually playing well enough to finally win his first Australian Open title? The Brit has been playing very well, in fact, better than anyone else during the tournament. He was very smart and aggressive against Grigor Dimitrov and Tomas Berdych, while Djokovic was so-so in besting Stan Wawrinka at five sets. Andy was a little upset after losing the first set against Berdych, but then recomposed.

However, Murray has played three Aussie Open finals so far and has gone down to Djokovic twice and Roger Federer once. He has also been there, but then pulled back.

The only way Murray will win is if the two-time champion (US Open and Wimbledon) jumps on Djokovic’s serves and races around as fast as he can and whales away. Murray can race from side to side and paste the ball with his backhand (and occasionally his volley), but Djokovic is harder off his forehand, his serve and might be a might bit faster. Frankly, Djokovic has been overlooked during the past year and a half.

These two have played against each other since their junior days … so they know each other’s games inside out. Novak is 15-8 head to head, so they know who has been the better guy overall.

But Djokovic seems a little off and not as focused as in the past. Maybe I am off, but that’s the way I read him. Murray seems to be happy and ready to capture another Slam. He is going to have to play excellent all night, but in the end he will. Murray in five sets.