Out of the Chair for a Date With Date-Krumm

MELBOURNE – There wasn’t a more intriguing backcourt match on Tuesday morning than Aga Radwanska vs. Kimiko Date Krumm, matching a cagey 40-year-old former top 10 player against a wily 21-year-old former top player. It was Radwanska’s first match since October as she underwent foot surgery and somehow, made it back on tour nearly two months before she though she’d be able to.

The contest could have been prettier, but it was so intense and super competitive that ever though neither woman was at her best. It was worth taking in and the court was packed solid with Japanese fans with a small group of Poles sprinkled in. As the Japanese pulled Date in and out of trouble the Poles alternatively cheered and that send silent when Radwanska would either pull off a smooth winner or crack her racket in disgust after making an uncharacteristic error.

Although Radwanska is nowhere near her top form and will unlikely go deep in the tournament, she showed just how much she missed the sport over the past few months and served notice that she will be heard from again this year.

Photocredit Malt

After she underwent foot surgery in October, she was told that it was likely that she wouldn

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