ATP Finals 2023 day 2: Alcaraz over Zvevev, Medvedev over Rublev

Daniil Medvedev

Alcaraz over Zvevev
Now in clay, and in the hardcourts, Carlos Alcaraz has beaten Alexander Zvevev this year, so if the German can find a way to earth him, then the Spaniard could fall down. However, the former two-time Grand Slam champion Alcaraz crushed Zvevev in Madrid, and also, at the U.S. Open. He knocked him quickly, in three easy sets. Yes, Alcaraz has risen so fast a year and a half ago, but also, Zverev had won so many terrific matches, but he got injured at the 2022 Roland Garros, right after he beat Alcaraz, on the ground, so he had to stop for months. But now, while he isn’t perfect yet, Zverev is much more patient where he is running. And also, he really needs to play aggressive, and push himself.“[You have] to be at your best,” said Zverev, who is  3-3 with Alcaraz “The times that I have beaten him, I was playing my absolute best tennis. If you are not quite there, if you are a little slow-ish, if you are not hitting the ball as well as you can, you don’t have any chance.”

He has had a pretty good year, but he still is struggling, at times, when he is not hitting his forehand and his backhand harder enough. He might eventually win, yet Alcaraz continues to try to touch on the lines, moving it side to side, and change it up.  In Turin, Alcaraz will will return much better, and edge him 7-5, 7-5.

Medvedev over Rublev
If Daniil Medvedev plays very well, and he can lock it in, early, when he is feeling good, then he will beat him seven times. Yes, the Russians are said to be close friends, but on the court, it will be Mano a Mano. Both of them can hit so darn hard, way back, almost on the fence. They can attack, when it is right there, or they can just settle down.

This year, Medvedev beat him in Dubai and the U.S. Open, comfortably. However, at the ATP Finals in 2022, Rublev  won a classic, grabbing it 7-6(7) in the third set in the first round. He did not win it, but he looked excellent, at times. He can be confusing, week after week, playing very smart, but also, he can back off. He has had a solid fall, in Shanghai, Vienna, and Paris. His return is somewhat better, and he can bend down at the net. However, he will have to be rock solid against Medvedev, who did not play well in the ATP Finals in 2022, but this time, he will secure himself.

 “It’s very tough,” Medvedev said. “You have to play your best from the first match if you want to try to win the whole thing.

I think [Rublev] improved a lot this year. “I think he improves step by step even more. Every match against him is tougher and tougher. I am going to have to fight my best, run a lot, and try to get him.”
 Rublev can make an attempt to smack his forehand and his backhand, down the middle, deep, and trick him. However, Medvedev is more intelligent, so he will win it 5-7, 6-3, 6-4.