The top 8 men after Wimbledon: the future

Carlos Alcaraz
Mal Taam/MALTphoto

Carlos Alcaraz
In the fifth set, he put on a show, nailing it from his forehand, his backhand, when he served, and he dove it very low at the net, and he put it away. He has now won two Grand Slams titles, and the 20-year-old is learning very fast. Eventually, he would win Wimbledon many times, but we will have to wait next year.

Novak Djokovic
The Serbian was so close to win it in the final, but after four hours, he began to miss some key opportunity. He lost, and he was upset, when he went home, but now on the hardcourts, he will likely rise up again. On the hardcourts, he will make some different strokes. We now that he is very intense, and obsessive.

Daniil Medvedev
The Russian looked great all the way into the semis, and then when he played against Alcaraz, he folded, in the past two sets, and he went down, hard. As he said, Alcaraz is terrific, but in the match in the last two sets, he did not play at all. Coming into the U.S. Open, if he wants to win it again, he has to enhance at the net.

Holger Rune
He is playing better and better , and he is young, but on the court, while he can crush the ball, from both sides, he has to mix it up more. His second serve is so-so, and he is mediocre at the net, but he really can return, and put it deep. He certainly has another shot to win either Toronto, Cincinnati, and maybe at the U.S. Open.

Jannik Sinner
The Italian played terrific into the semis, but against Djokovic, he became confused eventually and did not where to go. He is very potent, and he can throw in some fine winners, but he still is young, and he has to be much more calm. If he does, he will become better and better, gradually.

Christopher Eubanks
The American came almost out of now where, but over the past one year, he started to jump, pretty high. He made it into the quarters, hitting some huge shots. He is much more consistent, and the 27-year-old likes to crack his forehand. It is hard to say whether he can eventually reach into the top 10, but the current No. 31 can reach into the top 20 in the next seven weeks, if he is locking in, all the time.

Roman Safiullin
The Russian has been going for a while, and he did not beat many of the top players, but at Mallorca and Wimbledon, he began to change it up. He is pretty strong, and while he is not that fast, his forehand can be vast, and also, his backhand can go into the corners. There are a lot of the Russians have gone deep at the big tournaments, such as the former champions Marat Safin and Yevgeny Kafelnikov, but he has yet to go super deep. At the hardcourts, we will see if he can continue to improve every match.

Andrey Rublev
The other very good Russian, Rublev, is confounding. He won Monte Carlo in April, and it looked like that he could be almost beat everyone . But at Wimbledon, in the quarters, Djokovic pounded him, and he went down, hard. Going into the hardcourts, last year, he was slightly decent, so this time, he really needs to focus, and change tactics, more often. If not, he will not go deep at the Slams this year.