Iga Swiatek’s talks about her new coach

Iga Swiatek

Last month, Iga Swiatek decided to try to work with the long-time coach, Tomasz Wiktorowski, a former player worked with the former No.2 Aga Radwanska.

Swiatek is in Adelaide this week, where she won the tournament last year.

The current No. 9 made it to the WTA Finals in November, in Mexico, and she won two matches and lost four. The Pole then knew that it was time to change, and she let go with the previous coach, Piotr Sierzputowski. At that point, Swiatek was frustrated. She did not know where to turn.

“I realized that I’ve been working with Piotr for five years or even more. A lot happened since we started,” she said. “I felt it’s a good time for a next step and a change to maybe, like, reset a little bit. I also feel like I wanted to work with someone who’s from Poland because I think I’m going to be ready for coaches from different countries in maybe one or two years, but now I wanted to work with someone who understands my situation. I think it’s a great decision for me. Right now we’re getting to know each other because we practiced in Poland for three weeks, so it’s not a lot. I think next few tournaments I’m just going to use for getting to know each other. We’re talking a lot about tennis, even off-court stuff. I feel like I just need some time to build that relationship.”

Some players keep coaches for years while some will go through new coaches within a few months. A player and coach can see each other almost every day, for hours when they are practicing or competing. But, when the bond is starting to break down, and the conversations are odd, then the relationship will sour. It is not just about the coaches, who are older, and maybe wiser, yet off the court, the players might not really listening. If you don’t listen, then the relationship will expire.
Swiatek, who won 2020 Roland Garros, said that while she knows Wiktorowski, it will take a while for him to understand how she plays, and what to do during a match.

“I can see that he’s been through a lot on tour because he’s been on tour for many years. You can see that the WTA Tour is pretty intense, so I’m sure he’s been in some situations that if I’m going to get to them, it’s going to be easier for me because I’m going to use his experience, I’m going to lean on that,” she said. “That’s for sure something that is giving me more comfort and stability. I’m pretty glad that I have somebody on my team that has been through many things.”