2021 year-end review: top 25-21, men

Gael Monfils

25. Daniel Evans
It’s been quite a year for the Brit. He has yet to reach the top 20, but it took the 31-year-old a long time to hit the right ball with more consistency. The keys are for too move forward and swing very hard. Yes, the top 20 players can knock him off. Now he is more thoughtful, and he finally found out where he will be. Can he reach the top 20 in 2022 next year? Is the glass half empty or half full? He will find out soon enough.

24. John Isner
The American had a decent year, but he knows that if he wants to go back into the top 10, he will have to practice all the time, as well as to figure out his so-so backhand. Yes, his massive serves and dominant forehandse are fantastic. He has gone deep before, and he won Miami a few years ago. Then, he knockd off almost everyone. But now the 36-year-old is aging so if he wants to do it again, he has to jump on the jets.

23. Taylor Fritz
The young American had a very good year, during some tournaments when he was super consistent. But, other times when was unfulfilled. He plays a lot, and he travels all the time. Will he show up tired? The problem is he plays a lot, on court, which was 34 wins and 22 losses. In the fall, he upset a number of fine players at Indian Wells and St. Petersburg. He can bang the ball with both of his groundstrokes. Maybe he should slow down and rest more often. If he does, the top 10 is waiting for him.

22. Nikoloz Basilashvili
He has been around for 14 years, and he has some terrific wins. Oddly enough, he had some hard to believe losses. When he is into it, he can pound out winners when he wants to. He likes to slap the ball, which can be very flat, or he can run around and he waits to see there is a chance to clock the winner. A few years ago, he was ranked No. 16. There is no doubt that he wants to reach the top 10 before he retires. If so, it is important that he needs to improve his return and volleys. Something better is needed. 
21. Gael Monfils

The Frenchman is still so fast, and can return some very long shots. He has gone through so many matches, all over the world. When he is healthy, he can be riveting. Everyone knows that he has been hurt a lot, and he pulls out frequently. But if he can push through his sore knees, then in 2022, he will win some rousing matches.