Notes on a draw sheet: Putting the Aussie Open to bed

Del Potro IW 11 MALT6672

DelPo got the worst of the rest award.

Put aside whether you thought it was legitimate for Victoria Azarenka to call for an MTO at 5-4 in the second set of her 6-1, 6- 4 win over Sloane Stephens in the Aussie Open semis. What got lost in the shuffle and never should have is why the chair umpire never gave her a warning/point penalty/ game penalty or defaulted her for doing so when she clearly took more time than allotted. I


  1. Nice report Matt. One small thing: Vika didn’t call an MTO. Only the Chair Umpire can order one for a player on the advice of the medical staff. All Vika did was call for the trainer, who then deemed her injuries serious enough to warrant a medical time out.

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