Notes on a Draw Sheet: Putting the Aussie Open to Bed

Del Potro IW 11 MALT6672

An early checkout earned DelPo the worst of the rest award.

Put aside whether you thought it was legitimate for Victoria Azarenka to call a MTO at 5-4 in the second set of her 6-1, 6- 4 win over Sloane Stephens in the Aussie Open semis. What got lost in the shuffle and never should have is why the chair umpire never gave her a warning/point penalty/ game penalty or defaulted her for doing so when she clearly took more time than allotted. I


  1. Why should David Ferrer be embarrassed? He tried his best but was obviously physically hampered by his 5 set match against Almagro. Given how close he came to defeat on three occasions, it’s no surprise that he was physically and emotionally drained afterwards, and had nothing left to give in the semifinal. Had he had a more straightforward QF, the SF would have been closer, although Djokovic would still have won in the end (as he would against anyone else in the 5-8 range). But getting to the semifinal in itself should be something that is praised – especially when so many commentators were talking about a ‘wide-open quarter’. Ferrer once again proved his consistency by living up to his seeding.

    Andy Murray’s performance in the last two sets I believe was due to the painful blisters on his feet. No player is going to win if it hurts to move, and he must have realised that it was near to impossible to be able to defeat Djokovic in such a condition.

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