Brisbane Blog Serena vs. Azarenka No. 12 ahead

Vika is 1-11 vs Serena but wants another shot.

Vika is 1-11 vs Serena but wants another shot.

Here we go again. On Friday evening, No.1 Victoria Azarenka will face Serena Williams for the sixth time in the last nine months when she faces the 15-time Grand Slam champion at the Brisbane International. As the tennis world knows, Azarenka lost all five matches to the American last year. She nearly took Serena down in the US Open and had she stood up tall on some keys points in the third set she might have, but she did not and all their other 2012 contests were ones that Serena definitely controlled.

Azarenka is clearly exhausted of having to talk about facing Serena, but when a player holds the highest position in her sport and cannot grab a recent win over the alleged world No. 3, it

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