Ruminating over Rafa

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Rafa’s bad knees may never be right again.

Rafael Nadal


  1. Very well written! You sound like a combination of a Rafa fan and a realist- i like that!
    As you mentioned, Rafa has always broken the mould, and has silenced his haters globally, and true,he is the toughest guy both mentally and physically- but until we see him in full swing during clay season we cannot comment on how he’s gonna come back. He will definitely be looking at atleast 5 years or breaking Fed’s record- whichever is earlier( i hope the latter ;))
    I am not just his fan on-court but a true fan of him off the court. His mentality, humility, the nadal spirit, everything. If I had a best friend, I would want him/her to have Rafa’s qualities.
    Another player, mentality wise that I appreciate is Novak Djokovic. He is charismatic, dangerous, passionate and funny all at the same time, and i love it when one person has so many facets, i love psychology and studied it in school, and these two would make great friends and subjects. Obviously I hate all of them when they are playing Rafa! but off-the court i have great admiration for Nole. Federer is in his 30s, and one of the GOATs, and very honestly these 3 are the epitome of tennis. Murray is good, even Ferrer, Verdasco. But none of the seeded players are like the top 4, not mentally and definitely not game wise. I was so upset throughout Rafa’s absence, because the media had to mention shock-loss to Lucas Rosol a million times( you included), like they loved the adjective shock. i hope Rafa shuts them up for good. I dont know why I hate Berdych and if I ever come face to face with Rosol, I am gonna taser his ass back to the Czech Republic. I love the country, but these 2 🙁 i have no words- rosol literally flung the racket across the net when he won against Rafa! The audacity! Asshole,u only won because Rafa was not at his best. u dont deserve any credit. And then the ranking for rosol went from 100 to 86 just by beating Rafa? i swear i wanted to rip his head off. If Rafa loses to the top 3 ( Fed/Nole/Andy) or even anyone in the top 20 it is a dignified loss, its a psychological win, u learn from it and move on. I applaud the top 20 who beat him or will beat him because they were better in that moment, period. But LUCAS ROSOL!!! And the haters! the amount of shitty comments on youtube & on his page & the ATP page is too much- whoever makes the videos of rafa-perfection, etc should disable comments. if the guys can respect each other on tour, who are these civilian asses to comment?who are good for nothing & have all the free time on their hands?
    Im sorry if i am venting too vocally. Lets hope Rafa reads this and changes his mind. its still 16 days to Aussie Open- Rafa please change your mind! Rafans dont care if u win or not. We just want to see you on court. Acapulco is too too far. And before I leave this comment- i just wanted to end this with- Tennis chose Roger, Rafa chose Tennis! There lies his edge. That something special. In short, Rafa is magic 🙂

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