Time for the 8th TennisReporters.net Readers’ Poll

Readers: Vote for your top and sexiest players in the annual TennisReporters.net Readers’ Poll.
Rafa put a dent in Federer's GOAT label.

Rafa put a dent in Federer’s GOAT label.

It’s the eight annual TennisReporters.net Readers’ Poll, designed for our readers to sound off on their preferences.

Our most popular categories are Male and Female Players of the Year and, of course, the Sexiest Players. We’re allowing comments on the polls for the first time ever.

Sexiest Female Player Award is named after Ana Ivanovic after she won for five straight years. Sexiest Male Player Award is named after Marat Safin after he was also a five-time winner.

Last year’s winners included Novak Djokovic and Petra Kvitova for Players of the Year along with Rafael Nadal and Carolina Wozniacki as the sexiest. Last year’s voting can be found by clicking here.

TennisReporters.net editors do not necessarily support the results of the vote, especially in the Player of the Year categories. We realize that many readers will vote for their favorites as opposed to the players who have had better results.

Polls are open for one week to Saturday, Dec. 29 with results posted on Sunday, Dec. 30.


  1. Janice Gray says

    I have been so disappointed this year in not seeing Rafa playing. After 6 months away, I hope that his knees are good and that he

  2. Roger

  3. RF!!!!!!

  4. I wish you could vote for 2nd and 3rd places for sexiest women. 2nd would be Julia G. and 3rd Caroline W.

  5. Roger Federer

  6. Roger is always the BEST~

  7. where is ursula??!!

  8. What are we voting for now when the WTA and ITF has voted SERENA as best for 2012,and that was based solely on performance rather than media hype popularity vote,maybe you should have listed the performance of each player to give they
    readers who have not been following tennis the whole year as to what happend the last couple of months,Victoria won 6 titles a slam and some masters ,Maria won 3 titles ,Serena won 7 titles including two slams, olympics single /double ,end of year of championship,

  9. Best player? It’s between Djokovic and Murray this year for me.
    Sexiest one? Rafa, of course.

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