Wimbledon Preview: 3 men and a bunch of maybes

Novak is the favorite, but after his RG loss to Nadal, not by much.

Wimbledon will begin on Monday and outside of the Big 3 it doesn’t seem like there are any other real title contenders. Here is a breakdown.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: It cannot be said that the defending Wimbledon champion is back on “his familiar lawns” as it could be about Federer or a Pete Sampras. But what can be said is that he’s back on a faster surface than red clay and one that he does not have to slide into shots on. With his loss to Nadal in the Roland Garros final, he no longer looks impenetrable at the majors, but he played the Spaniard very tough, so until Nadal shows that he can beat him on faster surface again, the Serbian remains the favorite. He will attack more on grass and his bullet of a backhand is still more lethal than the rest of the field’s is. But he sure as heck better play better than he did against Seppi and Tsonga at RG or this time he might not escape a loss prior to the final weekend.

RAFAEL NADAL: As Nadal reminded us time and time again last year, no player can sustain near perfect play forever and that

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