Connors the inspiration as wobbly Federer heads to Wimbledon


A young 31, Federer can take inspiration from Connors. MALCOLM TAAM PHOTO



Chris Bowers sees Roger Federer falter in the final of his Wimbledon warm-up tournament, but says the Swiss can take comfort from the role Jimmy Connors played in world tennis 30 years ago.

HALLE – Ever feel like Roger Federer is the new Jimmy Connors? Not an obvious parallel to draw, perhaps, but as he prepares for what sometimes feels like the last Grand Slam tournament he has a realistic chance of winning, Federer could well be playing the same role as Connors played in the early 1980s.

Connors had been the big, brash new kid on the block who had bludgeoned his way past the ageing illustrious names who were tennis

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