Raonic vs Harrison: “It’s going to be an emotional one”

By Matt Cronin

FROM THE SAP OPEN IN SAN JOSE – Ryan Harrison is the epitome of a well-schooled player: He is a tennis baby, brought up by his former collegiate and teaching pro dad, Pat, and a teenager who has seen and heard volumes on how the game should be played. But he has never been taught to use gamesmanship and the world knows that some other pros do. Do not expect him to take an endless walk to the men’s room if he drops a second set tiebreak to Milos Raonic in the semis on Saturday. He does not need to get into his opponents’ heads by taking them out of their zones with questionable behavior while points are not being played. The temperamental Louisiana native does not have a greatest reputation (he’s known for racket breaking) but papa Pat did not teach his kids to deliver ear-shattering grunts or to kick over their foes

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