Archives for December 2020 2020 yearend review: top 30-26 men

Taylor Fritz

30. Ugo Humbert
The 22-year-old Frenchman is playing hard. While he is gradually coming up, he has to take more care of his game and improve his shots. He did upset Stefano Tsitsipas this year, and he also topped Marin Cilic. Normally those would be major victories but the Greek had a dusty year and the former US Open champion Cilic slumped a lot. The lefty Humbert can smash his backhand. In October, he won Antwerp, Belgium. In January, he won Auckland. There were mediocre matches, but when he is feeling fine, then he can put it away, falling there opponents. If he returns better in 2021, then he can find in the top 20. of

29. Taylor Fritz
The American had a good year; maybe not great all the time, but he plays so many matches. In the summer, it looked like he was getting smarter and more powerful. But, at the US Open, in third round versus Denis Shapovalov, he lost 6-2 in the fifth set. He was very disappointed. After that, in Europe in the fall, he was 3-6 He must have been exhausted, because he was a little bit flat. He is still young, and he can be thoughtful. He can hit the ball with strength, but, just like other young players, they have to learn to return, attack the net and show some variety. With some improvements, he will try to break into the top 15.

28. Benoit Paire
He has been a constant for a very long time, with 224 wins and 239 losses. When he retires, the 31-year-old will be thinking: I was pretty solid, but he could not crack into the top 15. He tried, but he pushed him back. The Frenchman can be arty as his game is all about the hot shots. He can slide around, and chop it. Or he can whiff. As he has said, sometimes he can play great, or the next day, it is not working.
27. Casper Ruud
Not many people who live from Norway and there are just a few competitors who have competed on the ATP Tour. During the summer, they play outside, when it is warm. But, in the fall, here comes with freezing temperatures. They play indoors, and there are some terrific areas. But, when you live there, you have travel a lot to southern Europe,and the United States. Ruud seems to know how to bang the ball, and he can run it a lot. His father, Christian, is his coach and a former ATP Tour player. Maybe Casper can add to his game, and meld it up. He has the potential.

26.Dusan Lajovic
The 30-year-old had a fine year. He can climb even higher because he has finally matured in the last two years. He was hurt significantly, but when he returned, he was sharp. In Italy a couple months ago, he upset Milos Raonic in 2 hours and 32 minutes, a heroic win. Can he finally enter the top 20? It is up in the air. He is very good, but can he really thrust himself and upend some slick players. I am just not sure that he will leap into the top-10 ever.