The picks: 2024 Wimbledon, first round, Tuesday

Sofia Kenin

Iga Swiatek vs. Sofia Kenin

This is supposed to be an excellent match, I would think in the Center Court, or Court 1. Regardless, there might be a terrific match, as both of them have won in the Grand Slams. But not at Wimbledon, so both of them have to change it a little bit, this time. The No. 1 Swiatek has it all together, on the clay, and in the hardcourts, but here, on grass, she was somewhat frustrated. Maybe she is ready to truly understand what she has to do.

The No. 38 Kenin can look so darn good, and then she is so out of it. During this year, she has lost against a lot of opponents, not the great players, but the mediocre players. She did win the 2020 Aussie Open, but then, she fell down. Now it is happening again, we think. She played against Swiatek in the start of the year at the Aussie Open, and the Polish person beat Kenin 7-6, 6-2. That was somewhat close, but Swiatek will win it 6-4, 6-2. She is simply prime.

Novak Djokovic vs. Vita Kopriva

Will the Czech Kopriva have any chance to shock Djokovic? Probably not, as he has been around for a while, and he has yet to reach into the top 100.  However, at least he was able to qualify, so he must be thrilled, on the Center Court. 

Djokovic has won the Grand Slams so many times, but the former No. 1 became hurt, so he had a have a surgery, but he did say that he is feeling better, everyday. If he does, he will have another shot to go super deep, anyway he wants to. 

Kopriva will try to show the fans that he is very talented, and maybe he will, but he just isn’t that good, so Djokovic will win it in three, decent sets.

Sebastian Korda vs.  Giovanni Mpetshi Pericardi

The Frenchman Mpetshi Perricard is only 20-years old, and he has had an impressive year. He won the ATP Lyon, and even before that, he beat many people at the Challenge Tour. Clearly he is getting better, all the time.

But the American, Korda, has played extremely well over the past couple months, and now, he finally was able to go into the top 20. Once again, he is ready to dance, finally. As long as he can try to crack his forehand and his backhand, early, on the slippery grass, then he can put  together a lot of winners. Korda is rising up. and he will out-stroke Mpetshi Perricard in four, fun sets.

Taylor Fritz vs Christopher O’Connell

The American Fritz just won a tournament, in Eastbourne, so he is on fire. Last year, he was up and down a lot, but currently, he is smarter, and also, his return is better. He needs that.

O’Connell is a veteran, and there are times when he is very steady, and also, he will try to were them downs. However, at the start of the year, in Adelaide, on the hardcourts, Korda beat him 6-4, 6-4, so he was unable to find out where he should have gone. He did not,  so this time on the grass, Korda will do it again, even when it is fast, as he will take it in four, interesting sets.

Jessica Pegula vs Ashley Krueger 

She looked very good when she won Berlin, and Pegula was sharp. At times, she can back off, and she can also be afraid, but currently, she is super dapper. She has yet to go deep at Wimbledon, but that does not mean that she can. 

The 20-year-old American, Krueger, is still learning how to strike the ball. She is good, but she has lost against a number of various people. She has been close, in the matches, yet she can overlook it. Last year in October, she faced against Pegula, and she lost 6-3, 6-1. Yes, Krueger will get fancy for sure, but Pegula is more suitable and she will win it in two sets.  

Elena  Rybakina vs. Elena-Gabriela Ruse 

It almost always that when she is locked in, Rybakina can win another Grand Slam. But with her, you never know. She has won two events, this year, but then when it is close, she can make some second-class errors. However, the Russian keeps moving on. 

The Romanian Ruse has had some decent wins, but not good enough to play more consistently. She has yet to reach into the third round, at any of the four Grand Slams, which means that she has to get splendid. Therefore, Rybakina will win it, in two, easy sets.